Ministries, Governmental Offices
Ministry of the Presidency ※SP
National Assemby ※SP
Supreme Court of Justice ※SP
Ministry of Economy and Finance(MEF) ※SP
Ministry of Public Works(MOP) ※SP
Ministry of Internal Affairs(MINGOB) ※SP
Ministry of Work and Labour Development(MITRADEL) ※SP
Ministry of Health(MINSA) ※SP
Ministry of Agricultural Development(MIDA) ※SP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MIRE) ※SP
Ministry of Commerce and Industry(MICI) ※SP
Ministry of Environment(MIAMBIENTE) ※SP
Ministry of Education(MEDUCA) ※SP
Ministry of Public Security(MINSEG) ※SP
Ministry of Housing and Land Planning(MIVIOT) ※SP
Authorities of Maritime Affairs
Panama Canal Authority(ACP) ※ENG, SP
Panama Maritime Authority(AMP) ※SP
Panama Canal Museum ※SP
Authorities of Commercial Affairs
Agency for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion of Panama(PROINVEX) ※ENG, SP
National Council of Private Companies(CONEP) ※SP
National Union of Small and Medium Enterprises(UNPYME)
National Securities Commission(CNV) ※SP
Agricultural Market Promotion Committee(IMA) ※SP
American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Panama(AmCham) ※ENG, SP
National Association of Aviculture of Panama(ANAVIP) ※SP
Association of Business Executives of Panama(APEDE) ※SP
Chamber of Commerce of Colon ※SP
Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture of Panama ※SP
Colon Free Zone ※ENG, SP
Educational Authorities
National Secretariat of Science and Technology(SENACYT) ※ENG, SP
City of Knowledge ※ENG, SP
Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources(IFARHU) ※SP
National University of Tecnology of Panama(UTP) ※SP
National University of Panama(UP) ※SP
Panama National Library ※SP
Panama Regional Investigation Center(CERPA) ※SP
Smithonian Tropical Research Institute ※ENG, SP
Financial Institutes
Superintendency of Banks of Panama ※ENG, SP
Banking Association of Panama(ABP) ※SP
Other public organizations
Court of Auditors ※SP
Munincipal Office of Panama City ※ESP
Civil Aeronautics Organization ※SP
Panamanian Association of Family Planning(APLAFA) ※ESP
Panama Architectural engineering Society(SPIA) ※SP
Other Non-Governmental Organizations
Red Cross Panama chapter ※SP
Foundation of Children of Darien ※SP
Panama Viejo Foundation ※ENG, SP
International Trade Exhibition(EXPOCOMER) ※ENG, SP
The International Lighting and Power Expo(INTER-LUMI) ※ENG, SP
latin Auto Parts Expo ※ENG, SP
Expo Logistica Panama ※ENG, SP
Newspapers and Magines
El Siglo ※SP
La Prensa ※SP
Panama America ※SP
La Estrella de Panamá ※SP
Crítica ※SP