Inspection Visit in Mayekawa Manufactuaring Company « EMBASSY OF PANAMA IN JAPAN

Inspection Visit in Mayekawa Manufactuaring Company

On August 25, 2016, H.E. Ritter N. Díaz, Ambassador of Panama to Japan, participated in an inspection tour of the factory of Mayekawa Manufacturing Company, the principle manufacturer of the air-cooling and compressor industry in Japan. The tour was held with the purpose of exchanging opinions to develop this industry in Panama. Mayekawa installed its office in Panama in 2015 aiming to offer technical services to Panamanian companies, which use the products of Mayekawa.

The tour initiated with a presentation by Ms. Kunio Ota, Director of Latin America Region Affiaires, who was accompanied by Mr. Takeo Kanazawa, Senior Advisor of International Business Development Dept., Mr. Teruaki Kobushi, General Manager of Global Refrigeration Business Division and Global Compressor Sales Group, Mr. Michitaka Kanno, Manager of Global Refrigeration Business Division, and Mr. Katsuya Sato, Advisor of Products Sales and Marketing Dept. Ambassador Díaz informed about various incentives to establish business in Panama, as well as about the recent business climate, which attracts more multinational companies to invest in Panama.

Later on the presentation about the Mayekawa Company, Ambassador Díaz had an opportunity to observe the production line and the training program to the new workers. It is important to mention that Mayekawa has its factories in various countries, including Latin America and the Caribe, seeking the country to manage the regional operation.

Ambassador Diaz conveyed his gratitude for the tour and presentation about the company, expressing his wish that Mayekawa take Panama into consideration as a possibile option to establish its regional operation in Latin America and the Caribe.