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Panama Canal Expansion

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The Panama Canal has been improving its capabilities to maintain its position as an important commercial route for the world. Nowadays, international trade is growing at an unprecedented rate, pushing the Panama Canal to take measures in order to satisfy the growing international maritime demand.

In view of the above, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP, in Spanish) compiled The Panama Canal Expansion Proposal, which was submitted to a national referendum on October 22nd, 2006. The said project was approved by 77.80% of the voters, while 22.20% voted against it, according to figures provided by the Electoral Tribunal of Panama.

The construction process started in 2007, and will finish in the first quarter of 2015. The building of a third set of locks will cost approximately US$ 5,250 million, which will be carried out by the Panama Canal Authority.

In August 2014, the Panama Canal will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of its opening in 1914, hosting several historical and cultural events as well as publishing books about the waterway’s impact.

For further information, please take a look at the documentary about the Panama Canal Expansion Proposal (9:55 minutes).

Courtesy: Panama Canal Authority (ACP, in Spanish)

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  3. Panama Canal – An Overview
  4. New Locks – An Overview
  5. Environmental Overview
  6. The Republic of Panama – An Overview
  7. Third Set of Locks – Fact Sheet

Illustrations of the Panama Canal Expansion Project

  1. Conceptual Isometric View of the New Locks Complex
  2. Third Set of Locks – Atlantic Side
  3. Components of the Third Set of Locks Project
  4. Water Movement from Basins to the Lock
  5. Post-Panamax & Panamax Size Comparison
  6. Pictures of the Panama Canal Expansion
  7. Animations: Third Set of Locks- Engineering
  8. [ Video ]
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  9. For further information, see related “Canal Expansion Proposal” link of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP)